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Quiz Example (try, learn & repeat)

🔥 Let’s talk about one of the basic concepts of thermodynamics! 🔥 🔄 A process is any transition a system makes from one equilibrium state to another, and the [...]

Kinetic is chosen as our first-course sample

After deep reflection, we chose chemical kinetics from basic to intermediate as our first-course sample for the realization of the prototype. This kinetic course contains: Introduction to Thermodynamics. Definitions. [...]

Development of the first prototype

Last update 04/12/2022 We are developing different fragments of each element of the interactive course. As mentioned in this previous post, we chose a chemical kinetic course as our [...]

Approce officially published in the INPI France

Approce® is officially registered and protected brand in the INPI France service under the national number 22 4 845 440 published in BOPI n° 22/10 Vol. I. 11 march [...]