Quiz Example (try, learn & repeat)

Approce news Quiz Example (try, learn & repeat)

🔥 Let’s talk about one of the basic concepts of thermodynamics! 🔥

🔄 A process is any transition a system makes from one equilibrium state to another, and the path of the process is the succession of states through which a system traverses during a process. There are four types of processes:
💥 Isobaric: maintains constant pressure (P)
❄️ Isothermal: maintains constant temperature (T)
🔍 Isochoric: maintains constant specific volume (v)
💨 Adiabatic: no heat is transferred across system boundaries

🧑‍🏫 Understanding these concepts is crucial in the field of thermodynamics, and that’s why we’ve developed a course called “Basics of Thermodynamics” on our interactive platform that will be published soon. 🚀

🧐 Check out the attached video for a quiz from our course in action. We strive to provide our learners with engaging and interactive content that makes learning more accessible and enjoyable.

📚 If you’re interested in learning more about the development of our platform and courses, feel free to leave a comment below. We can’t wait to hear from you! 🤗

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